Recently, while surfing the web, I noticed that Google highlights and scrolls down to the related text on a web page. This is a new experimental feature in Chrome. The URL is modified by Google to include an encoded string that controls the highlight and the scroll.

For example, if I search for 'nullable reference types in C#', the first link opens and scrolls down to this:
I wonder what the geniuses at Google were thinking when designing this feature, or if they were thinking, at all. I don't want my search results highlighted arbitrarily based on what Google's algorithm thinks I should see on a page. Neither do I want Google to scroll the page to right in the middle. 

Most of the time, when I am reading a page, I need more context, not just the answer. This feature blatantly assumes that you are looking for a specific text all the time and don't bother with the surrounding context. It also forces you to scroll up if you want to read from the beginning, which just adds more friction to your web experience. 

Fortunately, there is a way to turn off this annoying feature in Chrome from the experimental features section in Chrome.
  1. Go to chrome://flags page
  2. Search for 'Enable Text Fragment Anchor'
  3. Disable. 
Note that the encoded URL still be there, which is a shame; but at least it won't highlight the page you searched for. 
Update (August 7)
Looks like Chrome removed that setting so we don't get the choice to turn off this feature anymore. That's enough. I am switching to Firefox for good. It's going to be my default browser for now.

Update (October 5)
Good news!! Chrome has removed this feature, so that the pages are not getting highlighted anymore. I am back to using Chrome again. It was a hassle managing two browsers at the same time. (Yes, I still used Chrome for my development).