End of History

History, it seems, is always ending today. It’s easy to imagine how much I have changed over the years. At 27 today, I have almost nothing in common with the 22-year old Akshay. Looking into the future, however, is quite a different story altogether.

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Bottom-up Design

A really good talk by Ryan Singer about the design process at Basecamp. It is quite old, but still useful. In under half an hour, he designs a simple yet beautiful web-page from ground up, starting with the requirements, moving on to model, screen, design, html/css and finally coding it up.

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If your server is running on localhost:3000, and you try to make an api call from localhost: 9000, you will get No Access-Control-Allow-Origin header present error. To get rid of this error, we need to enable CORS on the server. How do we do that?

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