Code Reviews
posted on: Sep 17, 2019

I have the privilege of seating next to some of the best programmers at work. It would be a shame if I don’t use this opportunity to improve my programming skills. Recently, I have been getting a lot of my code reviewed and have learned so much stuff which is not taught in school.

Code reviews help transform implicit knowledge held into the minds of senior developers, into explicit knowledge. They help spread this knowledge through a development team, by helping more experienced developers pass their wisdom to those less experienced.

From regular code reviews, developers can build their understanding of a large codebase. They can also help in writing clear code. The code that I wrote may look readable to me, but not to others on the team. Code reviews can enforce consistent coding practices and conventions in the codebase.

One of the great benefits of code reviews is that they give an opportunity for other developers to suggest useful ideas to make the code better. I can only think of so many good ideas, but having others review my code, they can suggest better approaches. Regular code reviews should be an integral part of any well-functioning software development team.